Privacy Policy
1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy explains how Chefchart processes information relating to an identified or identifiable individual (“Personal Data”) collected and processed through the use of the Website.

For the purposes of the processing activities covered by this Privacy Policy, Visitors and Registered Users who use the Website are the “Data Subjects” to which the relevant Personal Data refer to.

Regarding the majority of the Website’s data processing activities described below, Chefchart will act as the data controller, defining the purposes and means of the processing of Personal Data. Data subjects will be informed of the specific data processing activities in which Chefchart may act as a data processor.

Chefchart will process the Personal Data in accordance with the European legislation on personal data protection, in particular, the EU Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 (“Directive”), the Portuguese Law no. 67/98 of 26 October on Personal Data Protection (Portuguese Data Protection Law) and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will replace the Directive and the Portuguese Data Protection Law from 25 May 2018 onwards.

2. Personal Data Purposes and Retention Periods

The use of the Website involves the processing of Personal Data of Data Subjects. The following sections describe the type of personal data, the purposes of processing and the retention periods for each processing activity.

The data processing activities carried out by Chefchart also depend of usage of the Website carried out by each type of Data Subject.

Data Subjects who use the Website as Visitors will only be subject to the processing activities referred to in Section Navigation Data. On the other hand, Personal Data of Registered Users will be processed in accordance with Sections Navigation Data. and User Account and User Content Personal Data. Registered Users who use the Website as Applicants will also be subject to Section Information regarding Applicants (Chefchart Jobs).

2.1 Navigation Data

By visiting the Website, Visitors and Registered Users acknowledge that their Personal Data may be collected and processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Chefchart may therefore collect, store and analyze data regarding the use of the Website carried out by Data Subjects. Personal Data processed in this context will include data regarding the Data Subjects’ activity in the Website, such as IP addresses and use cookies (please see Section Cookies. For additional information regarding Cookies). Chefchart also collects aggregated information regarding visits to the Website, such as the numbers of users and visits, geo-location data, length of time spent on the Website, pages clicked on or origin of Data Subjects for the same purposes.

Where applicable, the data subjects’ consent for the processing of Personal Data will be required – namely, for the purposes of use of cookies. Chefchart hereby notes that, in certain cases, the use of the Website may not be possible without the consent for the processing of Personal Data.

Chefchart processes the Data Subjects’ Personal Data mentioned above for the purposes of (i) adapting the Website to the Data Subjects’ preferences; and (ii) developing and improving the Website in accordance with the results of the analysis of navigation data, therefore achieving a more user-friendly navigation.

Subject to the Data Subjects’ consent, Chefchart may communicate aggregate data regarding the use of the Website to third party processors for the purposes of marketing analysis. However, the data communicated in this context will not include Personal Data.

Chefchart will only retain the Personal Data referred to in this Section for as long as such Personal Data is needed to achieve the purposes described herein.

2.2 User Account and User Content Personal Data

Registered Users may create a User Account in order to explore the functionalities of the Website.

Where Registered Users wish to sign up for a User Account in the Website, the following Personal Data must be provided to Chefchart: name, e-mail and password, nationality and Pro Chef or Home Chef qualification (as described in the Terms and Conditions). The User Account cannot be created without the provision of this Personal Data.

After signing up for a User Account, Registered User will be automatically granted a corresponding User Profile, which may be viewed by all other Registered Users. The User Profile will display the Registered User’s nationality, number of followers, uploaded recipes and recipes saved to the Cookbook.

At the Registered User’s initiative, User Profile may be completed with additional Personal Data, such as with a brief description and personal history, information regarding professional experience, academic background, catering establishments, recipes portfolio, photographs and/or presentation video.

Registered Users may also share User Content which contains Personal Data in the context of the regular use of the Website, including comments, ratings, videos or images.

The Personal Data of Registered Users collected as referred to above is processed by Chefchart in order to (i) identify Registered Users; (ii) allow Registered Users to use the Website to the extent of its functionalities, such as browsing and saving recipes, connect with other Registered Users or comment and rate other Registered Users’ Content; (iii) communicate with the Registered Users in order to provide them with information and support regarding the use of the Website.

The legal ground for the processing of the Registered Users’ Personal Data by Chefchart for the purposes mentioned above lies in the performance of a contract to which the Registered User is a party (namely, the provision of access to the Website under the Terms and Conditions).

Chefchart may also use the name and e-mail addresses to provide Registered Users with information regarding products and services of Chefchart and/or any of its business partners, including direct marketing communications and newsletters, provided that Registered Users give their explicit and specific consent to the use of their Personal Data to such purpose. Such consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Chefchart will not disclose the Personal Data regarding User Accounts and/or User Content to any third parties without the User’s consent.

Registered Users can at any time access and edit, update or delete their Personal Data by logging in to their User Account.

Chefchart will only retain the Personal Data referred to in this Section for as long as such Personal Data is needed to achieve the purposes described herein. When a Registered User decides to close his/her User Account, Chefchart will permanently delete his/her Personal Data.

2.3 Information regarding Applicants (Chefchart Jobs)

The Website includes the Chefchart Jobs section, where Applicants may upload their Personal Data (such as name, contact details, CV’s or résumés, information regarding academic background, work experience, hobbies, among others) in order to apply for recruitment processes promoted by Prospective Employers.

Chefchart will only process such Personal Data for the purpose of communicating the Applicant’s application for a Job Opportunity to the Prospective Employee which announced it.

Chefchart will act as a data processor of the Applicant’s Personal Data, acting on behalf and according to the Prospective Employee’s instructions in this data processing activity. Applicants acknowledge that Prospective Employees will be the data controllers of their Personal Data and should therefore refer to such Prospective Employers for further information regarding the processing of Personal Data in the context of applications to Job Opportunities through the Website.

Chefchart will only retain the Personal Data referred to in this Section for as long as such Personal Data is needed to achieve the purpose mentioned above, namely, up to the conclusion of the communication of Applicant’s Personal Data to the Prospective Employer. After such communication, the Applicant’s Personal Data will be deleted.

3. No transfers to third countries

The Personal Data collected by Chefchart through the Website will be exclusively processed and stored within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Chefchart will promptly inform and/or seek the Data Subjects’ consent if any transfer of Personal Data to third countries is to take place.

4. Rights of Data Subjects

Data Subjects have the rights of access, rectification and/or erasure of Personal Data processed by Chefchart.

Under the GDPR, Data Subjects have also the right to object to the processing and/or to obtain the restriction of the processing of Personal Data from Chefchart, as well as the right to require data portability.

To exercise their rights, Data Subjects must submit a written request to Chefchart using the following contacts: [email protected]

Data Subjects have the right to file a complaint to the Comissão Nacional da Proteção de Dados (Portuguese Data Protection Authority) regarding the processing of their Personal Data by Chefchart.

5. Cookies

A “Cookie” is a small text file which is sent to computers of Data Subjects by the web server so that the Website can remember information about the browsing activity of Data Subjects on the Website. Cookies collect information relating to the navigation activities and devices used to access to the Websites (such as IP addresses, browser type, location and URLs of linking pages, where Data Subjects arrived to the Website by third party websites). Cookies may also collect the names and e-mail addresses of Registered Users for the purposes of identification purposes.

Cookies store information regarding the online preferences of Data Subjects and therefore help Chefchart to provide a more user-friendly navigation at the Website.

Chefchart stores persistent cookies at the Data Subjects’ computers. Such cookies are saved on the devices of Data Subjects for a fixed period of time after the browser has closed and are activated each time Data Subjects visit the Website.

At the present time, Chefchart only uses the following cookies type:

  • (i) has-accept-cookie-terms – which stores information regarding the acceptance of privacy policy by the Data Subjects;
  • (ii) site_user – which is an hash that identifies the Registered User which is logged in to the Website.

Data Subjects will be required to accept the storage of cookies when accessing to the Website for the first time. Data subjects should notice that the non-acceptance of cookies may lead to the incorrect operation of the Website or, in certain cases, to the impossibility of accessing to the Website.

6. Other Provisions

All the terms not defined in this Privacy Policy shall be have the meaning stated in the Terms and Conditions.

This Privacy Policy, the Terms and Conditions and the Cookies Policy constitute the total agreement between Registered Users and Visitors and Chefchart. Individuals who do not agree with these documents should refrain from using the Website.

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